1 Andrew Brasfield Music: Marty Eagle 1941-2013

Andrew Brasfield Music

Photo from MartysBar.com
I got the news about Marty Eagle on Friday, February 1st when I was out of town. My wife and I agreed we'd go get a burger at Marty's on Saturday night in his memory. We did just that and I got to enjoy my time there with the first person who I started playing music with, Joe Broadhead.

When I was a 19-year-old, know-nothing sideman my goal was to play Marty's. If I was able to play there I'd know I was "good" because Marty didn't allow anyone who wasn't good to play his club; that was part of his reputation. Eventually I did get to play there with a few different bands and Marty recognized me every time we passed whether it was at his joint or other places around town. Marty knew who I was so in my mind that meant I was somebody on the scene.

Any person who has been there knows that Marty was part of the experience and not seeing him asking for cover or taking pictures with a disposable camera is going to be weird for a while. I fear there will always be an empty feeling when I go in but I'm pretty sure he lived his life without regrets so I'll stop being all sad and start performing like Marty would want me to if he were still here. I will do my best to put on a great show whether it's for 5 or 500, I'll be punctual and respectful of the audience and owner and I'll remember to stop every once in a while and have a patty-melt at his venue while enjoying some of Birmingham's best music.

Thanks, Marty. You taught me a great deal and I'll do my best to pay it forward.


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