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Andrew Brasfield Music

Sometimes I have this mental block against sharing the songs I write. "Who cares?," I ask myself. I think it comes from the fact that society thinks certain people have the right to write songs or perform because of who they are.

We all agree that Bob Dylan is a songwriter. Townes Van Zandt, Leonard Cohen, Willie Nelson, Muddy Waters, we all know these people play and write because we only know them as writers, performers and players. So I ask myself again, "Who am I? What do I get to add to this rich and cultured history?"

Well, if you compare yourself to those people you're probably going to stop writing for fear of not living up to their potential, but the truth is they lived up to their potential now you have to live up to yours! It applies to anyone you compare yourself to, especially if they are wildly successful in the field you want to venture into.

When I was talking with a friend he reminded me that I minored in creative writing and that actually gives me a little more credence as a writer than if I just started writing on a whim. Now, I'm not saying that you have to obtain any certificate, its just something I remind myself I have to boost my confidence when I doubt myself. I have also recently earned this piece of paper you see to the left.

It's a certificate from the Berklee School of Music through Coursera that says I completed a songwriting course with them. (Coursera offers free courses in a ton of different subjects and the songwriting course is about to reopen July 19, 2013.) It is my other reminder that I understand enough of the rules that I should take myself seriously as a songwriter, but not too seriously.

Now, neither of these reminders would be worth a thing without the songs I've written and plan to write in the future. I hope to share some of them with you in the next few weeks and get your feedback or at least share ideas because learning can't happen in a vacuum.

Do you have a inspiration reminder? Tell me in the comments. 

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Photo by Tamika Moore | tmoore@al.com
Andrew was selected to participate in AL.com's Birmingham Sessions! The video was shot in the Airstream tailors behind Bottletree Cafe. Click here for the story & video.
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Photo from MartysBar.com
I got the news about Marty Eagle on Friday, February 1st when I was out of town. My wife and I agreed we'd go get a burger at Marty's on Saturday night in his memory. We did just that and I got to enjoy my time there with the first person who I started playing music with, Joe Broadhead.

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